Discrete definition

What does the word discrete mean?

Posted by: Jessica Soldner on Apr 26, 2020 11:41:06 AM

Discrete and discreet. Two words that sound the same with different meanings. 

Discrete means individually distinct while discreet means intentionally unobtrusive. 

I chose my business name  knowing there would be confusion, but also to bring awareness to my purpose: "To create environments for people to thrive." 

Each person is unique. We all have a different perspective. You are the only person in the world that has your exact mix of interests, desires, and needs. Since you are the only you why would the home and spaces that you live  in be left as cookie-cutter, bland, and not designed for your life?

Over the past decade, I have had many clients overcome with emotion when their project is complete because of the process Discrete Designs has created to truly listen. 

If you are struggling to feel organized in your home, or are frustrated with the layout and function, it can have a massive negative effect on your life. Maybe it is a kitchen that you wish was updated and better designed for entertaining guests. Maybe it is living space that no matter where you put the furniture you just can't get the togetherness you seek with your family. Maybe it is a bathroom that causes daily frustration fighting for that sink or mirror space... does he have to leave hair and shaving cream all over the sink?!

Maybe you can't find that sanctuary space to be you.. painting, writing, or exercising. 

Whatever it is, your space should be designed to help you be the best you. Your mood, productivity, and health depend on it! 

Your home should be discrete. Individually distinct. 

This is what drives me and why I am so passionate about designing homes that help people succeed in life. 

It is not the easy way to build and remodel homes though. Many contractors and builders are more concerned with how many jobs they can get or squeezing more profitability out of a project. Your home should not be standard or whatever was easiest and quick to create. 

The process should be enjoyable too. After a discovery session to learn about your pain points and wish list, I design a 3D version of your new space so we can take a virtual walk-through before any work begins. This helps you choose colors, surfaces, and lighting but also validates the layout and function decisions. 

By taking the time to design a space aligned with your unique lifestyle, the process ends in excitement, not exhaustion. 

Was your space designed for you? It should be as individually distinct as you are.