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Looking Back, before Looking Ahead

Posted by: Jessica Soldner on Dec 17, 2018 11:26:36 AM

We tend to live our lives in a place of anticipation. As a society, we have been wired for the next best thing. Always wanting more. This is a driver that helps us strive for continuous improvement, but if we don't take time to look back over our shoulder at how far we've come, it can leave us feeling discontent, frustrated and overwhelmed.

Because I am a natural Dreamer, I am always re-imagining the present. I see a physical space, and I re-imagine the possibilities of how it could be, reconstructed with new life and reinforcing positive interactions between the inhabitants. Millions of these spaces exist all around the globe.

I could easily see the steep path towards making a difference, how much work the process of building and remodeling takes and be filled with discontent, frustration and overwhelming feelings.

Instead, I choose to reflect on 2018 filled with gratitude. Gratitude for the wonderful clients who entrust me with one of their most valuable assets. They value spending time in a space that nurtures their mental, physical and spiritual well being and they embrace the ideas that can elevate them to a more enjoyable life.

I am grateful for the men and women who use their talents and work with integrity to construct these projects. I enjoy watching them hone their crafts and share creative ideas and solutions to unique challenges that align with the client's goals. Collectively we learn from each other.

I have learned so much from each person that I have been able to connect with during this past year.

Reflecting on 2018 allows me to look ahead at 2019 with wonder and appreciation for all the good that is yet to come.

As a reminder of the wonderful life you live, consider practicing restraint during this holiday season. Instead of filling your home with more, purge some of the old and leave room for all the good to come. When designing for clients I remind them the biggest mistake most people make is overdecorating by adding too much to a room. We are designing for life, we have to leave room for living. The most priceless accessories you can add to a room are loved ones, laughter and space for growth. 

With gratitude,

-Jessica Soldner

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